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This is photography of my brother for new year
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Please HELP my brother!

My name is Valerij Kiselev, I''m 16 years old. I have a brother. His name is Nikolaj. He much needs for medicine. My brother is 15 years old. Our country is Russia. We live in city Cherepovec. Nikolaj drew in earnest rages, even gives the lessons of the drawing, but now all less and less... I do not want to think about that that he nevermore will be able to draw.
On official doctor''s language diagnosis sounds as pauciartikulyarnyj juvenile arthritis, activity 2 degrees indeed for my brother - terrible unceasing pain under each motion, dizziness, numbness finger, swoons. For his recovery necessary constant receiving the german preparation "Arava", without which disease will develop. HE can remain the invalid lifelong.
We have a computer, which has presented the relatives, computer is old, but we are happy this, the main that it allows the Nikolaj and me to go in internet, where he forgets about its disease and communicates on a par with peer. But his disease can not allow him this does in realities. We live in one-room apartment. Our Father works the whole day for us. Our Mother sits home, she takes care of my brother.
I implore You, please, help my brother!
Please help collect the necessary medicine for buying amount, this amount forms whole 800 dollars, but she very backbreaking for our family.
Help please my brother Nikolaj to become normal and health! Any, even the most small donation, will draw him to recovery.

Here also I have done the copy of the extract from hospital and have else placed his photography for new year, when we all have done him gift.

is it here specified by PayPal, e-gold and web-money on which possible translate money which so necessary my brother on treatment

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